SMW offers an exclusive line of lightweight ‘true-forged’ monobloc wheels made in aluminium or magnesium alloys.

The brand took its rise from supplying wheels to Formula 1 and MotoGP teams and as such has demonstrated a spectacular track record of victories.

SMW mission is to enable everyone to have this unique opportunity to experience first-hand the results of the state-of-the-art production technology, which has been until recently available only for top motorsports professionals. The wheels are manufactured using proprietary 3D closed-die hot forging process (with no 'spinning' involved) utilizing specially prepared/processed billets as feedstock. The forgings are subsequently CNC machined with high precision to ensure full conformance without deviation. This provides for dimensional stability and impressive aestetic appearance for these best in class true-forged wheels.

Ultralight true-forged magnesium wheels providing for an additional 20% - 25% weight savings are available for various sizes and applications.

Over the past twenty years, SMW has gained a great deal of experience in high-tech metallurgical engineering that allows to solve a variety of engineering and production challenges in addition to motorsports – be it a set of custom-made wheels for a luxury SUV, special high load index wheels designed for an armored vehicle or a low-series production run for a sports car manufacturer or tuner. SMW fitments database includes all the recent models -- to ensure the wheels’ perfect compatibility.